Improving collaboration in hospitals.

Medical doctor and software programmer, Gautam Sivakumar, was frustrated at how difficult it was to get the entire medical team looking after his patients on the same page. He saw clinicians using a combination of legacy record keeping software, paper, pagers, faxes, phone calls, and hallway conversations to deliver the care their patients needed. Given his passion for building software and his experience on the front lines, he set out to build the dream — a single software platform that would allow anyone looking after a patient to get all the information they needed, and connect to anyone on the medical team securely from any device. It would be built for one purpose — to deliver safer and more efficient patient care.

Over the years the company has seen incredible growth, but with that growth came a need to refresh the brand to reflect the core vision of the next generation of hospital software. I was tasked with reimagining the current Medisas brand from the ground-up, developing a visual identity system that was true to this vision and could be implemented across the board — from their logo and brand, to their suite of products and services. Below is a brief overview of a provisional direction we explored during the process.