A New Creative Collective.

Slashthree is an international art collective founded in 2007, representing 100+ artists in over 40 countries worldwide. Periodically, the collective launches themed exhibitions consisting of visual art, photography, music, motion and more. Over time these releases gained global recognition from top art & design publications, and the collective quickly became one of the most creatively influential within the digital art community. With rising popularity and an increasing appetite to create fulfilling work, the collective's focus shifted – from casually releasing artwork, to consistently launching ambitious creative projects that make a social and cultural impact.

As a result Slashthree needed to become a responsive, content-first platform that was expressive and amplified each artist's individual creative voice. My role was to lead the design of the new platform, explore new opportunities for purposeful interaction design, and manage the project's technical delivery to completion. I also had the opportunity to contribute to the direction of our first video interview – shot by our team in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the site's launch day. The entire project was completed as a remote collaboration between 6 people across the world, with tasks & objectives tracked and check-ins scheduled throughout the process.